Why Remote Testing Services are so Important during and after Pandemic

These days during the pandemic situation companies need faster services delivery, as well as high quality standard services in terms of fast changing market and company’s competition. The pandemic situation had influence on all parts of life and business management so now it is important to be in forward and render best services as well.

World has changed, many QA talents lost their jobs but business cannot radically change their plans, so they need professionals to support the business procedures. Than it is possible to take share market if you produce best services ever. Most people used to work in home offices, but it is load for internet traffic, internet services, increasing of purchases etc all these are overloaded and it is on high demand now. As we see and feel now digital transformation captured us and specialists need to have more deeper skills for QA distant testing.

To be winner globally is it needed to render best high quality services and to be able to lead and leverage remote testing services in delivery services.

In shortage of proper specialists on labor market it is easier to attract external outsourcing QA specialists and not to spend time & money to  educate your own staff. Now it is easier and cheaper to apply for QA outsourcing testing specialist services.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is Quality Remote Testing
  2. Types of Remote Testing
  3. Why Remote Testing  is Important now and How Business Leverage with it during Pandemic
  4. Conclusion

What is Quality Remote Testing

Remote Testing means performing any type of testing remotely. This term became popular into more usage due to COVID-19 pandemic as all of us are forced to work from home. 

Now remote testing is very relevant and is gaining momentum. Many companies are looking for good professionals and suitable tools for remote testing.

Types of Remote Testing

Which types of testing are on demand today:

Mobile Testing

Mobile testing is in high demand especially now because most users save their time and use mobile applications. Today almost every distinguished company has mob app for business.

Automation Testing

It is done by automation tools. 

Crowdsourced Testing 

On remote panel it is done as usually by different testers which can be  located at different time zones where ever across the planet. Because of it can be implemented for targeted groups and different people this testing is done fast, detects most of bugs and very cost effective.

remote usability testing

Performance Testing 

Performance or Load testing is used to determine product’s speed, reliability and stability. Performance testing comprises endurance testing, capacity testing, stress testing etc.

Remote Usability Testing 

Remote usability testing is a very popular today kind of testing when you can test in real environment. It is very useful testing because it can help to collect most of issues regarding product.

Remote Testing Services. Benefits for Business

There are 2 main profits from Remote Testing Services which business can get: saving money and outsourcing testing to professional QA teams.

We would like to underline what business gets if it hires experienced QA team:

·   Always available QA resources and constant help from QA specialists:

During distant work you can easy contact your QA team with every question. If you are technical expert or management specialist it would be very comfortable for you to stay in touch fast with your QA team.

·   Keeping up with the deadlines

Professional QA team is used to work in terms of contract dates and SLA. You will not see any details because we have always people whom we can substitute for project.

·   Saving money

It is always cut your expenses instead of you would use your local QA testing resources. Quicker ROI and decreasing of operation costs are guaranteed.

·   Saving time

Take your time and focus on daily business.

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Unexpected economic situation after some months of the pandemic enforced businesses to look at the distant resources. Not all people will return to offices again after the pandemic and it will be critical to keep loyal clients and users.

From time to time lack of qualified resources on market forced businesses to transform the way they render services. Business must be stable and meets high quality standards because some faults can cause unpredictable consequences. Today’s world must get habit to get services remotely as high qualified QA services what gives you assurance in tomorrow’s day. Outsourcing QA company has rich experience and strategy for every kind of industry and they know how to lead the project in every situation, how to improve the product quality and reduce release cycle time.

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