Cases of software testing

It is often impossible to provide high-quality performance testing for a complex system without automation. Today, we would like to share our experience of carrying out such a task for the largest government-owned bank, which has a chain of over 190 thousand ATMs. For our client, performance automation helped organize all systems in a strong and effective network.

How we automated performance testing for an ATM control system preview

Our client, a large state-owned bank, pays special attention to the stability of the FIS Profile system, which serves more than 65 million customers, 55 million contracts, 9 million loan agreements, and 45 million cards. Performance Lab conducts banking application testing for each of the system releases. On average, a release contains about ten changes to the functionality of the system, each of which requires detailed elaboration and specific testing.

FIS Profile Banking System Load Testing preview

Our client, one of the largest commercial banks with European offices, has a goal to minimize performance and resiliency risks in IT infrastructure and payroll program systems. Performance Lab provided highly qualified performance testing of the client’s payroll systems. The testing challenge was to understand the structure of component interaction given a variety of registry types and a vast status model.

Banking system load testing for a payroll card program preview

Performance Lab finished a truly interesting project for a big national bank, i.e. we’ve performed load testing for Robotic Process Automatic, which is an automated system aimed to fully substitute any operational bank employee working on a PC. The idea was not for the robot to send hard-coded requests to somewhere, but to use the entry signals such as mouse and keyboard in the same way as an actual user does.

Load testing for Robotic Process Automatic preview

Our client is a large national bank from the TOP-40 of the financial rating. The bank offers multi-faceted service packages to corporate, as well as to physical clients. The client has decided to involve the Performance Lab specialists in improving the Remote Banking performance and robustness.

Performance audit and DBO Online system load testing prev

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