We stood before the task to deploy conversion operations improvements on the large bank’s production system. We had to ensure that the conversion operations can be performed based on SWIFT, as well as by manual entry.


Our client is a multinational rating agency. The goal was to ensure that there are no critical performance defects in the main or deployment functionalities. Additionally, we intended to compare the performance measurements for different system releases (to run the regression tests).

Testing System Performance for a Rating Agency preview

The company has decided to migrate to the cloud platform Amazon Web Services (AWS). The platform change was to reduce infrastructure costs, ensure 100% availability and ease the system scaling.

Learning to live in clouds preview

One of our biggest clients is a clinic chain that has the key player position in the domestic medical market. The customer planned to introduce a new architecture and needed to know, how many servers are required to sustain the maximal system load. We have found several important system limitations and internal element conflicts to solve.

Load testing for medical system preview

Our client is a big commercial bank and a leader in the consumer credit market. Our customer decided to implement its own transaction processing. The findings presented by Performance Lab at the end of the project helped the bank decide to postpone deployment outfits in-house processing system by 3 months, during which time the bottleneck was fixed by a developer.

Performance testing of the transaction processing system preview

The client company develops software to collect, process and analyze the survey data. The product was in trend during the election campaigns in the USA not only for the sentiment evaluation, but also to create the campaign statistics. As the client didn’t have a testing department, they decided to employ Performance Lab. To fulfil the task it was enough to develop 60 automated tests. In the end of the project the customer received 135 tests.

Automated testing for a social survey service preview

A governmental fund, which registers physical bodies in the insurance system and issues the supporting documents, contacted us with ESB testing. The chosen project deployment variant is based on the DevOps Container Visualization method and is implemented using Docker. This solution allowed to achieve the automation instrument portability: the instrument can be deployed with one command even without the Internet connection.

Document Editing Quality Control Automation preview

Our client’s platform is an information system that allows administrative bodies, banks, not governmental pension funds and other stakeholders to exchange government-related data online. Most of the time the governmental services are fully/partly unavailable or buggy because of the difficulties in the software version delivery and release, as many contractors are involved in the development process. While a Performance Lab team was testing the e-government information system and the service structure, they were requested to additionally optimize the release deployment process for e-communication between administrative bodies.


Our client is a big American company, whose core business is in IT management tools. They offer numerous solutions, including monitoring systems, which monitor server storage volumes, disk usage and capacity metrics. The systems track key resources, and forecast when you will run out of capacity. In order to demonstrate the monitor systems’ opportunities, the client needed a test infrastructure to fully and tangibly show the monitoring systems’ potential. To solve this task, the client contacted Performance Lab.


The owner of a large children’s goods retailers, was working on launching an online store for the country’s regions in 2017. To check how well its services could cope with user requests, the retailer turned to the Performance Lab team for help in conducting load testing.

Online Store Load Testing

Our customer is one of the largest retail chains selling electronics and household appliances.
The company implemented a full-fledged omnichannel approach to sales — this means a unified product assortment, price, and service, both when buying in stores and online. Performance Lab was hired to test an integrated set of SAP systems, particularly with respect to system performance.

Load Testing SAP systems

The internet portal of our client aims to educate entrepreneurs – it offers expert advice, business solutions and an event calendar.

In 2018 the joint-stock company decided to automate the platform’s testing to decrease the expenses and to simultaneously speed up the release cycle. For this task they employed the Performance Lab team.

entrepreneurs portal test automation

A large governmental enterprise that processes a huge amount of various documents has recently approached us. We had to organize the autonomous testing process of key subsystems, which comprise the automated information system. Moreover, we couldn’t use an out-of-box solution (client’s specification), so we had to develop a custom tool that would satisfy the client’s requirements.

Using a REST request emulator

In 2017, South Korean tech giant Samsung turned to Performance Lab for testing of its internally developed Samsung ARTIK Cloud app.

Our task was to check Samsung ARTIK Cloud’s operability and compatibility with several devices available in Performance Lab’s collection.

Testing of an application during early development

The Performance Lab team is engaged in the load testing of FIS Profile for one of the largest banks.

In order to test all these business cases, Performance Lab’s specialists developed the framework that provided quick record of changes in requests made by system updates. The framework also allowed to automate the preparation of test data. Finally, the team created the utility to automate the process of performance testing and collecting metrics when opening and closing the trading day.

Load Testing of a rare system Profile

We faced the task of checking the stability of the Wi-Fi-based media broadcast service. And this was a real challenge, because we had not previously load tested hardware, only software.

By simulating the behavior of 50 independent passengers whose mobile devices can connect to the tested service after the plane’s ascent. Their devices should provide them with a choice of various audio and video content: movies, TV series, music, audio books, and cartoons.

Wi-Fi testing service for multimedia broadcasts during air travel

As any enterprise expands, to ensure the platform’s reliability our customer hired Performance Lab to conduct load testing.

Performance Lab’s work helped the client make an informed decision about deploying the system into a production environment. Performance optimization based on an analysis of the test results reduced the time required to complete the main logistics business scenario by more than 2 times and increased the speed of individual transactions by up to 8 times.

SAP ERP Load Testing

Our company was approached during the Bank’s transformation, in which they expected increasing demand for its products, leading to more user operations and higher system load. The system being tested is a credit approval system based on Siebel CRM. The system provides functionality for working with card and credit products, making it possible to conduct the full range of credit-servicing operations.

Siebel CRM Load Testing

Performance Lab offers expertise services on automated testing of the core Banking System improving the quality of the product and allowing the customers to keep time frames and costs under control.

Core Banking System Test Automation

Our customer, a regular Performance Lab client and one of the largest retail chains, uses the SAP BW platform to perform this analysis. A few years ago, they decided to make it more efficient by selecting the fastest database management system (DBMS).

Comparative load testing of a DBMS for SAP BW in retail

Our client is a popular pizza delivery service. They have planned, developed and continued on improving their software solution that accepts orders online via site or mobile app; integrates counters and transactions; queues orders for the pizza bakers; coordinates the couriers; manages deliveries; analyzes sales; performs dozens of operations that an average person won’t keep in mind simultaneously, but the system can.

software system load testing

In the fall of 2018, a company assigned us a task of conducting load testing. It turned out that the customer was implementing an educational project based on the platform as a service (PaaS) principle and was creating a platform that would ensure effective interactions between teachers and students in the educational process.

The customer was faced with an ambitious task of launching a pilot project in general education schools in six regions of the country during six months and then replicating the project to general education schools.

Synthetic Load Testing for PaaS Educational Project​

Modern software development trends are focused on speed. But tasks need to be performed not only quickly, but also with high quality. To this end, we offer Quality Gates Next.
Quality Gates Next is a solution built on tools that provide continuous monitoring and improvement of product quality through state-of-the-art development methodologies, such as Agile and DevOps. This solution is already available. It is well-tuned and can be quickly adapted.

quality gates next

US company’s significant innovation is software for collecting and analyzing machine-generated data (logs). Out client software users can submit questions to a special web portal maintained by the vendor. There wasn’t enough time to expeditiously test the portal. As a result, its stability was threatened. Seeking to minimize these risks, the company hired Performance Lab to overhaul the testing process.

internet platform test automation

The innovative product of our colleagues from San Francisco was not just a fitness application, but a whole system, which is still unique in the fitness world.

We got involved in the development process when the application was already in the beta-phase, just under a year was left before the market release; however, over half of the code was written already. To ensure that the developed interface is adapted for the native device, the customer sent us two tablets, which at first sight looked like a TV, as it needed to be connected to a wall outlet.

Developing the fitness system

Automated Ui Testing Our client is a social dating app with worldwide recognition and presence in over 100 countries.Being very successful social media application with millions of subscribers and over a billion swipes per day, client’s engineering team was and still is challenged to release regular software updates across Android, iOS, and Web platform on…
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Our client’s priority task was an automatic examination of laboratory information management system (LIMS) in order to automate information management of genetic blood analysis


Activ5 is a portable workout device and mobile app that coaches its users through low impact, isometric workouts in as little as five minutes per day.

Our client approached us at the point when Activ5’s popularity grew, the app was undergoing constant changes, new functions and additional features were added, new workout games developed. In order to widen its audience and make sure every user stuck to the app, developers had to pay special attention to the quality and usability of its product.


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