Performance and
Load Testing Services

Performance Lab helps you determine how a system performs under different loads.
We find bottlenecks and ways to fix them.

Finding a good performance testing services
is not easy

After all, a contractor has to be an expert in the field of testing methodology, be proficient in a variety of complex tools, be able to find bottlenecks and make recommendations for optimizing performance.

This is why clients choose us. You get a reliable partner. We have performed load testing from for more than 10 years. More than 70 load and performance engineers test complex systems daily, providing services to banks, telecom, retail, and healthcare companies. We can solve your most complex tasks as well.

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Empowering enterprise business everywhere

Our premier performance testing services are recommended by leading experts in different industries

Lenta, a regular Performance Lab client and one of the largest retail chains in Russia, uses the SAP BW platform to perform this analysis. A few years ago, they decided to make it more efficient by selecting the fastest database management system (DBMS).

#SAPBW #LoadTesting

The customer was faced with an ambitious task of launching a pilot project in general education schools in six regions of the country during six months and then replicating the project to all of the general education schools.

#PerformanceTesting #StressTesting #StabilityTesting #VolumeTesting

Our company was approached during the Bank's transformation, in which they expected increasing demand for its products, leading to more user operations and higher system load. The system being tested is a credit approval system based on Siebel CRM. The system provides functionality for working with card and credit products, making it possible to conduct the full range of credit-servicing operations.

#SiebelCRM #PerformanceTesting

Performance Lab can help you with

Сapacity management process implementation

You will be sure that the productivity of systems critical to your business always meets your expectations.

Test releases before implementation

In order to be sure that a new release will not cause performance degradation

Migration testing, centralization

You will know in advance the performance of the target system. We will help generate data in the database, and you will learn how the system performs in a year or two.

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