Our mission is to make load testing available for small and medium businesses

High quality load testing
at a fixed price in only 4 days

Benefits and quality


We automated and improved efficiency of the effort-consuming processes so we could offer the load testing services at very competitive rates


Quality is our top priority, we guarantee the highest level of satisfaction


Digital products are released frequently, if you release on bi-weekly basis you would have 25 releases per year. And you need to test all of them to mitigate the potential risk of degrading performance.

You can achieve significant savings by reusing the preconfigured scenarios and easily running them for each release. Reports will contain all necessary details to asses your release performance.


Furthermore, you could compare and trend test results which allows to easily represent if the release meets requirements and if the release performance is better or worse compared to other releases.

Packages and Prices

Minimal Optimal Maximal Extended

Included specialist support and configuration (hours)


Testing timeline

1-2 days
2-3 days
up to 4 days

Total cost of service


Site examples for packages

Static sites, landing pages
Dynamic website with a few pages
Dynamic websites, eCommerce and other websites with more sophisticated logic
Large websites or websites with custom, sophisticated logic or other IT-systems running in the private intranet


As soon as we receive your payment, we will start preparing a test scenario. Preparations may take from 1 to 3 days depending on the option chosen, as well as the complexity of the project. The test itself takes 1-2 hours. This way, you will receive the results in a maximum of 4 days.

To start the testing, you will need to provide a link to the site and access to your Google Analytics. If you don’t want to open access to Google Analytics, we will give you instructions on how to add data from Google Analytics to your personal boomq.io account, so you can do it yourself.

boomq.io simulates the actions of real users: it clicks on links, views pages, interacts with the menu and ads products to the cart. At the same time boomq.io gradually increases the load on the site, starting with a load equivalent of 100 users and increasing it up to a load equivalent of 10000 users. This way we will be able to determine the maximum load your website can handle. The entire testing process will take 1-2 hours.

During the testing, your website may start working intermittently because boomq.io creates an increased load on it. Therefore, it is highly advised to choose a testing time at which the site will have the least number of users. We will coordinate the testing time with you.

After the test we will send you a short report in PDF format describing the test results. The content of the report depends on the conducting option you have chosen.

Minimum: A brief description of the test results.

Optimum: Description of test results and interpretation of charts.

Maximum: In addition to conclusions, we will provide recommendations to improve system performance.

Also, regardless of the chosen options, you will receive a link to your personal boomq.io account with all the test results.

If the testing shows that your website can’t handle the expected load, send the report to the developers, so that they can perform the necessary optimizations.

  • We do not conduct financial transactions
  • We do not generate test user accounts if this requires passing captcha or confirming an account by phone number

After you contact us and we select the best conducting option for you, we will send you the bill. The testing results will be ready within 4 working days after the payment is received on our end.

If through our fault we do not conduct the testing within 4 working days after payment, we will refund your money.

Users who have chosen minimum and optimum conducting options can write us an email, if they need more detailed explanations of the test results. Users with maximum conducting option can call us, and we will talk in detail about the results and discuss recommendations.

  • A list of resource-intensive operations that have a high response time – give it to developers so that they can find and eliminate the source of the problem
  • How many users will the website actually endure
  • What can be corrected under load: make the CDN, remove heavy images (if banners or images do not load or a part of interface does not work as intended) and recommendations on how to resolve the problem (optimize images, parallelize requests, enable CDNs, etc.)
  • Although we can’t give backend recommendations at this level of immersion in the system, we can recommend testing with extended monitoring

 We are here to help