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Our team successfully built a test automation solution using test orchestrator - a framework for managing tests in CI, on the project for the worldwide recognized social dating application. As a result, we helped to release regular software updates across Android, iOS, and Web platform on a bi-weekly basis while keeping high standards of quality to satisfy its regular users.


As any enterprise expands, to ensure the platform's reliability our client hired Performance Lab to conduct load testing.

Performance Lab's work helped the customer make an informed decision about deploying the system into a production environment. Performance optimization based on an analysis of the test results reduced the time required to complete the main logistics business scenario by more than 2 times and increased the speed of individual transactions by up to 8 times.


Software quality, managed

Focus on the development of the product you love and let us handle the qa software testing

Website is fast enough

Make a ton of money on Black Friday with your website. We found all the bottlenecks and performance issues, so now your website can handle ten times more users.

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App looks great on any device

Millions of users around the world enjoy your perfect mobile application because we tested it well in our quality assurance software testing company, using all devices and platforms, both new and old.

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Users are happy

Your app works great, and users love to write five-star reviews about exceptional experience in software test services. Because our qa and testing specialists found all the defects before user see the release.

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Everything you need for QA

Premier QA and software testing service

Load and performance testing

Load and performance testing

Find out the performance limit of your system. Find and eliminate bottlenecks.

Test automation

Test automation

Reduce the release time of your web, mobile and desktop applications through auto tests.

Manual testing

Manual testing

Achieve high test coverage and monitor the quality of your releases.

DevOps & continuous testing

DevOps & continuous testing

Do not wait until the end of the development cycle, start testing right away with our testing solution. Configure continuous quality control in your CI platform.

Test process consulting

Test process consulting

Use a testing approach that is optimal for your product and team. We know how to organize it.

Trusted by enterprises across the globe for 10+ years

The Performance Lab software QA company is trusted by 500+ customers across Finance, Technology, Healthcare, Travel, Retail, Education and many more. These are just some of our customers.


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Performance Lab engineers perform manual functional and native test automation for us. We now manage to release 4-5 updates permonth while maintaining a high quality of the App.


Igor Dorovskikh

Engineering Manager

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We were very satisfied with the testing provided by quality assurance company Performance Lab. The team helped us significantly decrease the release time.

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Thanks to Performance Lab's CSV solution we managed to decrease certification time from two months to under a week.

our  client

Leon Kopelev

Director, Lab Information Systems

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