Testing Center of Excellence

General Information

The Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) is a centralized solution that allows us to unite the processes, tools, infrastructure, and test team into a service function available to all subdivisions of the company.

TCoE options (Testing Center of Excellence):

Center of Excellence management on the side of the customer:

  • The internal software testing center of excellence and
  • Outsourcing of the technical specialists.

Outsourcing of the Center of Excellence:

  • A full outsourcing of the Center of Excellence under a service contract and
  • Technical expertise and Center of Excellence management.

Problems it will solve

  1. Minimizing the risks related to low-quality developed software by organizing the Testing Center of Excellence on the basis of world standards in the area of QA and the standardization of the test processes;
  2. Boosting transparency and budget planning effectiveness for testing;
  3. Raising the effectiveness of business subdivisions operations by minimizing their participation in non-core processes;
  4. Raising the effectiveness of managing business expectations through more precise release launches;
  5. Cutting operational costs for additional corrections to software by raising its quality and discovering defects in the early stages of development; and
  6. Optimizing the costs of the implementation and development of the information systems.


  1. A Testing Center of Excellence that is capable of offering services in software testing;
  2. A deployed testing infrastructure;
  3. Testing methodologies and regulations; and
  4. A short- and long-term development strategy for the Testing Center of Excellence.

Scope of Work

  1. Analysis
    • Analysis of the current state of the testing process;
    • Determine all business processes and systems that require testing;
    • Determine the necessary and sufficient types of testing for each system;
    • Software testing budget planning;
    • Report on the results of the analysis;
    • Coordination of the ways to organize TCoE; and
    • Determination of the pilot project and ways of testing within the frames of the pilot project.
  2. Implementation of TCoE
    • Prepare a plan;
    • Determine the organizational structure of TCoE;
    • Develop the methods and regulations for testing;
    • Create the software testing communication center;
    • Hire employees for key positions, training, and internships, or outsource a test team; and
    • Implement test-management software and automation testing tools.
  3. Management and support of TCoE
    • Work in the pilot regime within the frames of the new goals (or the first system);
    • Analysis of the pilot project results and making changes to the regulations and methods of the software testing process;
    • Full implementation of the Software Testing Center of Excellence with the introduction of all specialists to TCoE; and
    • Prepare recommendations and TCoE long-term development strategies.

Tools and licences

We might use following tools and licences during the project:

  • HP ALM (HP Application Lifecycle Management, HP Quality center)
  • TFS (Team Foundation Server)
  • TestLink + JIRA
  • TestLink + Readmine

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