Essential Differences between Web App and Mobile App Testing

Mobile and web applications are some of the most common types of software applications used across businesses worldwide. In this article, we will discuss the differences between mobile and web apps and explain the testing approach for both of them.

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Performance Lab rated Number One in Goodfirms

We are happy to share great news: Performance Lab was rated number one in Goodfirms rating among Software Performance Testing companies. The rating is based on reviews and evaluation by members of international IT and business society. We are the first among Load testers, too!

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Performance Lab Receives Top Industry Award from Clutch

Performance Lab was nominated to Clutch global awards and now we became one of clutch global leaders. Outsourcing your business to a BPO company has become the standard in today’s modern business practices. It’s a practical and competitive strategy for growing startups and a cost-efficient solution for companies looking to expand while saving time and money. Not only does outsourcing give you more focus on the core of your operations, but it also gives you access to globally-recognized talent that specializes in bringing you the best service possible.

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Performance Lab is among Top QA and Software Testing companies​

Performance Lab is a software & QA testing company that has proved its worth by delivering upscale testing solutions to clients across the globe.

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Digital Transformation and Testing Features in the Financial Field in EMEA (Interview with Bank du Caire)

An interview with Mohamed Talha — Technical Implementation Manager at Bank du Caire: “In the digital transformation era, testing is not a luxury service for our clients — it is a necessity for providing high-quality services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (the EMEA region).” Performance Lab: First, could you please tell us about…
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