Automating performance testing results: best practices. Part 2

In this part, let’s tackle a problem that engineers in every load testing company complain about, — namely, how Grafana slows down the system, — and several other quick fixes to your Grafana dashboards.

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Automating performance testing results: best practices. Part 1

In this article, we start with a major topic, and then, in the following parts, we’ll go deeper into super-hardcore stuff.
Test reports automation is the way to optimize testing costs and make performance testing more affordable. By cutting the cost, you will also be able to attract smaller businesses as customers. Good news: test reports automation is possible with the help of such popular tools as Grafana and InfluxDB, that all testers are already familiar with, to say the least.

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Performance Lab has increased performance of Birkenstock site by more than two times ahead of the sales

Birkenstock was preparing for a big sale. They expected the load on the site to increase by five times and wanted to check if it would endure the peak season. Birkenstock contacted Performance Lab in search of the solution. Performance Lab specialists decided to use to create a load testing scenario based on the client’s Google Analytics data.

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Performance Lab rated Number One in Goodfirms

We are happy to share great news: Performance Lab was rated number one in Goodfirms rating among Software Performance Testing companies. The rating is based on reviews and evaluation by members of international IT and business society. We are the first among Load testers, too!

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Application Performance Monitoring vs Crash Reporting

A site or application is only as good as its users say it is. That may sound a bit harsh, but the reality is that unhappy users will look for other solutions. Customers expect websites to be fast and error-free – essentially, they expect it to “just work”. By putting comprehensive monitoring tools in place, you can be sure to rise to meet customer expectations and to quickly correct any errors or issues that arise.

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