Tasked With Staying Ahead of a Global Pandemic, Performance Lab Founder & CEO, Yurii Kovalov

Tasked With Staying Ahead of a Global Pandemic,
Performance Lab Founder & CEO Yurii Kovalov Talks About Growth and Strategic Development of the Firm

Incorporated in 2008 and based in Santa Clara, Performance Lab is a global company addressing a growing void in the area of independent software testing and quality assurance for enterprise consumers.

Since 2014, Performance Lab has been the leading provider of these services within the Eastern European QA market. The company’s rapid growth results from proven success across various businesses, such as finance, insurance, telecom, retail, e-commerce, and software engineering, comprising companies listed on NYSE, LSE, and MOEX. 

The organization offers a full range of quality assurance services and has exceptional expertise in performance testing, automation testing, and mobile application QA.  In 2015, Performance Lab started operating in the United States with an office in California.

Performance Lab also gives solutions in the UX/UI crowd testing range and advanced tools for fully automatic load testing services of web portals from geo-distributed areas. Performance Lab’s school of testing was established in 2010 and holds certified 1000+ testing engineers currently engaged with Fortune-500 companies, delivering value to the world QA practice.

The GoodFirms interviewer approached Yurii Kovalov, the founder and CEO of Performance Lab to know more about the company’s accomplishments and its services. 

As a CEO, Yurii is responsible for the global strategic development of the company. He started working in IT in 2002, right after graduating from the Academy and was lucky enough to participate in many Core Banking Systems performance optimization projects.

Yurii was very awed by the level of competence of people engaged in load testing and its importance for business. This topic clicked into his head as a performance engineer, and in 2008, Yurii decided to start his company, focusing only on testing and analyzing the performance of software and IT systems. That’s how Performance Lab began in Moscow. 

The professional testers attracted relatively modest investments and rented a small office in Technopark. At that time, Yurii could not imagine how popular the business he had created could be, and gradually his team grew by more than 500 people, and headquarters moved to the Bay Area.

Talking about the company’s business model, Yurii mentions that Performance Lab uses two business models. First, the team develops their own platform for load testing, boomq.io, offering customers a subscription. Secondly, they provide professional services for testing the performance of IT systems as outsourcing.

Coming to the services rendered to the clients at national and international levels, Yurii mentions that the professional testers’ team strategically define automation scope for clients’ product, choose the testing levels and test tools, devise test automation architecture, map test data preparation, design, development till test maintenance, and combine test automation into CI/CD keeping complex settings, DevOps initiatives, software specifications under the account.

  • The testers team enhances software quality with product test consulting and test automation.
  • They infuse automation in QA functions with a preliminary review, framework engineering, test case development, execution, and iterative framework support.
  • The skilled testers also hold test automation experience in frameworks, development languages, and unification technologies.
  • They focus on the application of hardened open-source frameworks.

Performance Lab possesses a highly professional team of proactive engineers who keep attestation and validation services strictly in docility with regulations and best practices. 

The Agile approach adopted by the team promotes iterative development, QA with automated test methods gives resilience, and lightweight structure facilitates quick set-up. Thus, ethos to produce high-quality testing services and the use of hardened open-source frameworks endows Performance Lab to lead amongst the top software testing agencies in San Jose at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the quality of testing services offered by Performance Lab.

Tasked With Staying Ahead of a Global Pandemic, Performance Lab customer's review

Using the extensive experience, the team will follow the best practices and assure complete compliance with iOS guidelines, so that clients’ users will enjoy the quality they always expect from Apple. Performance Lab’s experts design sharp and professional apps for mobile, wearables, watches, and many other devices.

Working within the considerable variation of likelihoods that the Android ecosystem offers, the team uses the skills and expertise to curate precise solutions that clients’ customers will be delighted with. The group caters to clients with a customizable, adaptive, and secure mobile app.

Even though the expert developers always deliver top-quality results, Performance Lab holds the QA experts with domain-specific skills who dedicatedly ensure that clients’ app works flawlessly, is well optimized, and meets all of the criteria specified by the clients. The group tests even the most complicated scenarios using their skills. 

Performance Lab offers high-quality QA mobile testing services for more than 12 years worldwide. The specialists possess deep expertise in mobile application testing services, enabling the firm to be the leading QA testing business. Thus, offering an innovative approach for native test automation for Android and iOS for Unit, API, UI endows Performance Lab as one of the top mobile app development service providers in Sacramento at GoodFirms. 

The review displayed below proves the potential of developers at Performance Lab.

Tasked With Staying Ahead of a Global Pandemic, Performance Lab customer's review

In conclusion, Yurii explains that the expertise in load testing and performance analysis is like no other. Although the testers’ team provide a wide range of testing services, including operational management testing services and test automation projects, their primary focus is the performance testing of projects. The group is rapidly developing performance testing of projects in the international market.

Some situations require a team of developers from the company’s staff. They do an excellent job testing; they write tests themselves and know specific strategies and solutions to performing tasks.

However, even their knowledge and expertise may not be enough to solve a complicated problem quickly and effectively. The outsourcing team can bring a new vision to simple things. Hundreds of specialists have unique competencies for a particular type of testing. Performance Lab’s goal is to offer the customers the best available product in the QA market — the newest and most innovative solutions. 

Performance Lab performs tasks based on the most advanced tools, which the team constantly monitors in the market. They can always request feedback and examples of successful cases.

Thus, likely to continue for years to come, the battle against COVID-19 will provide a dynamic backdrop to the software industry evolution. Having read the relationship between these sectors and the service rendered by Performance Lab, one can glance at the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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