Static Code Analysis

The implementation of the Static Code Analysis System allows the conducting of the analysis of code automatically in order to discover its potential defects and weaknesses, and to find the bottlenecks in the software development process.

Problems it will solve

  • Minimizing the risks of software misfunctionality by promptly discovering these defects in conducting the static code analysis;
  • Cutting the time frame for manual testing through early defect discovery and lowering the number of defects transferred for testing;
  • Raising software quality by monitoring potential defects and weaknesses and their prompt resolution;
  • Raising the effectiveness of decision making when choosing the software developer on the basis of the evaluation of the programming code’s quality.

The report contains (Deliverables)

  • Information on the number of potential defects in the operation of the system’s functionality and their severity regarding the system’s operations;
  • A list of defects with a description of the problem and a method of its reproduction;
  • Information on how well the code is documented and its readability;
  • Information on code duplication and on the breaking of regulations for coding;
  • Recommendations for system code improvement;
  • Information on the software’s code quality when conducting a comparative analysis of the code for several system versions;
  • A deployed infrastructure for software development quality control;
  • Regulations for working with the tool (MS Word).

Scope of work

  1. Analysis
    • Determine the criteria for choosing the tools for the initial code and software build management system;
    • Determine the tools and required infrastructure;
    • Coordination of choosing the tools with the client;
    • Infrastructure setup;
    • Write and coordinate requirements to the initial code and software build supply package;
    • Installation and tuning of the Static Code Analysis System;
    • Trial launch.
  2. Execution
    • Receiving the initial system codes;
    • Analysis of the initial system codes using the tools;
    • Integration of the tool in the development environment.
  3. System analysis
    • Determination of the bottlenecks of the initial codes on the basis of the results.
  4. Report

Tools and licences

  • Sonarqube
  • FindBugs
  • PVS-Studio

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