Source Code & Software Build Management

Implementation of the automated source code and software build management system allows the setup and management of the processes of storing the initial codes, software builds, and installation packages, as well as the conducting of the technical control of the initial codes’ quality.

Problems it will solve

  • Minimizing the risks of functional bugs in the software;
  • Cutting the time frame for defect discovery and elimination; and
  • Lowering the costs and work load for the implementation of new updates or system releases by cutting the number of defects during the integration of the system into a unified programming complex.


  • A deployed and tuned initial code and software build management system;
  • Regulations for requirements management that contain the roles and responsibilities of the participants and the manual of how to use the requirements management system; and
  • Distributives (executable files).

Scope of work

  1. Analysis
    • Determine the criteria for choosing the tools for the initial code and software build management system;
    • Determine the tools and required infrastructure;
    • Coordinate the choices above with the customer;
    • Set up infrastructure; and
    • Write and coordinate requirements to the initial code and software build supply package.
  2. Implementation phase
    • Install and tune the version control system (storage);
    • Install and tune the initial code and software build management system;
    • Install and tune the initial codes technical analysis system;
    • Integrate above systems with other contiguous systems;
    • Write the manuals and regulations; and
    • Educate customer’s employees to work with system.
  3. Pilot launch
    • Pilot launch using the system;
    • Analysis of pilot launch; and
    • Following setup and improvement of the tools and regulations.
  4. Distribution of the other software releases to the initial code and software build management system.

Tools and licences

  • Version control system
  1. SVN
  2. Git
  3. PVCS
  • Static code analysis system
  1. Sonarqube
  2. FindBugs
  3. PVS-Studio
  • Continious integration systems
  1. Jenkins
  2. TeamCity
  3. PVCS
  • Installer build systems
  1. Install Anywhere
  2. Nullsoft
  3. manual labor