Software Release Process Optimization

This service allows the evaluation of the current process of software release launches and determines its bottlenecks, resulting in the building of an effective software release process.

Problems it will solve

  • Minimizing the risks of bugs in software functionality by optimizing the software release process;
  • Raising the quality of the software by organizing the release process in accordance to the ITIL and Cobit5 standards;
  • Raising the business expectations through a more precise planning of software releases on the basis of risk analysis;
  • Cutting the time-to-market time frame by improving the effectiveness of interactions between subdivisions within the software launch process;
  • Lowering the operation costs for launching new releases.


The report on the release process audit contains information on the:

  • Current state of the release processes “as is;”
  • Future state of the release launch process “to be;” and
  • List of existing problems and bottlenecks in the current state of the release process

Regulations of the release process contain information on:

  • The release launch process participants, their goals, and responsibilities as well as
  • The release launch order.

The report on the results of the pilot project contains information on:

  • The success/failure of the conducted pilot project;
  • Discovered deficiencies and bottlenecks of the offered release launch process that need to be corrected;
  • The changes made to the release process during the pilot launch;
  • Indicator changes, such as time-to-market, number of defects and their severity, and the volume of the corrective work.

Scope of work for the software release launch optimization project

  1. Analysis
    • Analysis of the customer’s organizational structure;
    • Creation of work group;
    • Interview planning with customer’s responsible representatives.
  2. Audit
    • Conducting the interview with the customer’s representatives;
    • Participation in internal meetings and status meetings;
    • Organization of additional meetings for clarifying the received information (when necessary).
  3. Analysis
    • Analysis of the results and determining the condition “as is” of the software release process;
    • Preparation of the condition “to be”
    • The writing of a report;
    • The coordination of and deciding on the implementation of proposals for optimizing the software release optimization.
  4. Pilot launch
    • Writing the regulation for the software launch process;
    • Releasing manager outstaffing;
    • Pilot launch within the a single system or a group of systems;
    • Result analysis;
    • Following improvement of regulations.
  5. Replicate results

Tools and licences

  • HP ALM (HP Application Lifecycle Management, HP Quality center)
  • TFS (Team Foundation Server)
  • TestLink + JIRA
  • TestLink + Readmine

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