Computer Science Scholarship Program for College and High School Students

Performance Lab is a global quality assurance software testing company that provides a full range of software test services and QA outsourcing.

We offer an information technology grant for high school seniors and graduate students in the USA, who receive education in a computer engineering or computer science program. We want to maintain young people passionate about IT and planning to build their career in this field.



Application deadline:

 November 1, 2021

We want to support talented people interested in software engineering. You are the future of the IT industry and we are glad to contribute to your education.
In order to apply for scholarship, you must:

be a graduate of a public or accredited private high school

be enrolled in a computer engineering or computer science program at a US-based college or university, residing in the US

be studying computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related technical field

After registration, you get access to – a cloud service for carrying out load testing. This tool will be used to check your Test Project.

Contest legend

The action takes place in 2076 in Night-City, named after its founder, the famous restaurateur and confectioner Alfred Night.

Corporations are ruling the city, an inexorable world, where it’s every man for himself. There you’ve got an opportunity to lead to success a new and actively growing confectionery chain, whose investors are counting on overtaking Alfred’s sugar empire one day.

To keep up to the competition, you need to develop and deploy a highly efficient resource management
system that handles the confectioneries and adapts to the market situation.

A scandal caused by some ingredient can in any moment lead to immediate changes in the popular product recipes. Moreover, competitors have designed ploys to delay ingredient delivery – that will require a quick reaction.

You have not asked for it, but you’ll have to develop a high-level prototype that provides a public API, which proceeds confectioneries reports about fulfilled orders, as well as instructions from the Chief Confectioner Committee to change certain recipes or to forbid using certain ingredients.

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