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Performance Lab is proud to introduce the first market research on enterprise application quality and testing trends in Russian Federation – Russia Quality Report 2017-2018.

Testing is our business, so over the course of Performance Lab’s seven years of existence we have had the opportunity to watch how the market’s attitude toward software testing has changed.

In certain industries this change has been rather swift, especially in industries such as e-commerce and banking, where businesses couldn’t exist without information technology. The change has been slower elsewhere, for example, in manufacturing and government organizations. However, we’ve noted a definite trend almost everywhere, and I hope that now we will all be able to follow it together through similar comprehensive research, which we plan to repeat from time to time.

We’ve tried to perform an in-depth analysis of software testing in organizations, while taking into consideration both the organizational element, e.g. the structure of the budget for testing, as well as the technological element, e.g. the types of testing, tools, infrastructure.