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Performance Lab US sponsored the Bay Area QA Meet Up this past weekend in San Mateo, CA.

The program was facilitated by BayQATraining, one of the leading resources for training in all Test environments.

The meetup was attended by about 70 local QA/Test Engineers and focused on the key areas affecting the job market today.

As almost all new QA positions are requiring Test Automation skill sets, and with so many options of open source framework and programming languages, it is hard to focus on what to learn first and how to prepare for an interview.

To address this issue, attendees were invited to join in open discussion about the current state of the Test Automation field.
The following topics were discussed and strategized:

  • What’s leading companies are using to automate Mobile and Web applications
  • Mobile frameworks: which one to choose and why
  • What it takes to get through interview for Software Engineer in Test
  • Q&A Session

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About BayQATraining

On-site training programs offer your team the kind of change that can only come from working one-on-one with a seasoned expert. With On-Site training, we handle it all—bringing the instructors and the course to you. Personalized material including programming language and framework can be selected based on your company immediate needs, so your employees can be productive on day one right after on-site bootcamp. And remember we are teaching only 100% hands-on bootcamps.

As part of our commitment to your team, our training advocates and expert instructors take the time to gain insight into the backgrounds and roles of attendees, your desired outcome for the training, and any special areas of emphasis. The delivery is then tailored specifically to your audience, ensuring that you and your team benefit from focused training in a small group environment.