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Performance Lab will test your software to find the defects and deliver releases on time

Our Clients

Our Clients

Performance Lab is an international manual QA testing company, which offers a full range of outsource testing services all over the world for more than 12 years.

As a manual software testing company, we realize the needs of your clients and support their projects 24/7. In our staff we have experienced professionals with deep background in manual software testing services. Call us today, stay with us and save your money. We are ready to give you the best price offer.


Call us today, stay with us and save your money. 

We are ready to give you the price offer. 

What are we testing?


IT system

Mobile app

Smart devices, VR, AR

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There is no better place for a QA solution than Performance Lab.
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Mobile Manual Testing

As a software testing company, Performance Lab offers ios manual testing and android manual testing services that help customers to ensure robust quality control by finding bugs properly. We employ latest testing methodologies that make it possible to find bugs effectively at every stage of the development life cycle. If you wish to verify how well new functionality corresponds to the specification try to use our mobile app manual testing services.

Manual Testing Web Applications

Choose our company for manual testing website. Be sure that you will receive high-quality QA testing services, because all our specialists are trained and certified with the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) international system. We use the ISTQB methodologies to identify the riskiest and the most complex functionalities during the software functional testing, ensure solid test coverage, write test cases and conduct tests.

Our professional team is to your services:

Performance Lab company is a provider of outsourcing qa manual testing services worldwide with. Our certified technical specialists provide all types of manual testing: functional and manual regression testing more than 12 years

Any change can affect the stability of software. It is not always easy to forecast, how large the effect will be or its consequences. That’s why the IT teams that are using the modern agile methods or the waterfall method need regression testing qa. You can choose the regular regression testing, website regression testing , mobile manual regression testing or application regression testing, whichever you prefer. Regression testing is performed to determine how new functionality will affect the existing software, e.g. whether it will create errors or interrupt critical business processes.

Every day the demand for a quick product release grows, but the number of regression tests increases. Therefore, in order to increase speed and simultaneously maintain high-quality software regression testing, Performance Lab’s approach consists of a thought-out combination of manual and automated tests performed at various stages of the software life cycle.

In big complex projects we deploy and maintain QA solutions from vendors such as HP ALM, Microsoft TFS, IBM Rational Quality Manager, as well as open source products, including TestLink, RedMine, Jira and TestRail.

Look which engagement models for manual functional testing services we offer to you clients:

Projects to introduce or transform functional and regression testing.

Outstaffing – our competent test engineers, test designers and analysts, test managers work at  customers side.

Outsourcing – The customer sends Performance Lab developed test cases, test data and other test artifacts. An SLA records requirements on testing quality and speed, the number of tests, maintenance and modification of test scenarios, and the service provider’s responsibility for bugs not found. After regression testing launches.

Creation of testing centers of excellence.

If you need to do all kind of manual testing - choose us.
Save your money and get professional services

We start projects in the shortest possible time and carry out projects of any complexity

Use non-standard approaches to solving problems: applying Quality Gates, Criticality Matrices or TPI Next

We have a huge staff of certified specialists who constantly pump their skills

Got a project in mind?

There is no better place for a QA solution than Performance Lab.
Drop us a line to find out what our team can do for you.

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