Performance Lab introduces the Digital Quality Network App for remote testing

Performance Lab announces that the Digital Quality Network testing app has moved into closed beta. The app lets users from around the world provide their computers’ computational power to conduct load testing in exchange for cryptocurrency.

The app is built on the Hedera decentralized platform and uses market-proven testing tools, such as Apache JMeter. Performance Lab’s new product is already fully functional. 

By registering on the Hedera platform and installing the Digital Quality Network client, worldwide users can provide their computing power for testing. For each order, users will receive a customer-determined amount of the HBAR digital currency.

Customers, in turn, receive a convenient and inexpensive testing tool that is always available and saves you the time of selecting suitable specialists.

Digital Quality Network allows testers and customers to quickly connect and communicate in order to establish effective and mutually beneficial working relationship. This ability is unique in the international market.

Consider the following sequence of screenshots of the Digital Quality Network app, to see how simple the app interface is:

1. The IPFS service is started with the command “Ipfs daemon”. The local configuration is started with the command “Ipfs init”.

The app must be initialized the first time it is launched. 

2. Here’s what the client looks like when you launch the app:

dqn client authorization

3. Configuring the app:

dqn settings

4. After performing these operations, the main client window looks like this:

dqn client information

5. To create a test, you MUST specify the date and time of the test, and select a file (.jmx):

dqn create test

6. To run the test, click the “Run test” button.

7. The test runs when the countdown timer expires. When the process is finished, a report file is generated:

dqn test process

8. To get the test results, click the “Get result” button.

Try out the benefits of the Digital Quality Network today and strengthen your company’s position tomorrow.

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