Providing the quality and performance of an IT system is an important and mission-critical challenge. We are always attentive to and care about each team member, because we understand that only a united team of professionals can achieve high results and be trusted by clients.

Your primary task will be to assure quality and performance of IT systems on an industrial scale that, undoubtedly, impacts the overall quality of life. Daily, each and every one of us uses different automated services (ATMs, online banking, electronic governmental services, etc.). Our experts help to increase the quality and performance of services that are used by millions of people. This is the reason why we love our job and are proud of its results.

Our company offers opportunities for your personal development and self-fulfillment.

Quality Assurance

Being a part of our quality assurance team, you will not only test different interfaces for existing errors but also will be engaged in important analytic activities to gain deep experience in the following automated processes from the inside: operations of the mobile services’ providers, crediting, online sales, and more.

Test Automation

Here you will be able to demonstrate your skills as a programmer. The automated tests are the programs imitating user activities. Working on these programs will help you to actively use your existing knowledge and develop your skills with the interesting and new tasks.

Load & Performance Testing

This is the field where you develop load scripts emulating thousands of connected users. You will be able to check the capabilities of the system under testing and determine its performance limits. Your personal development in this field will provide you with great opportunities. Here you will receive a chance to become a professional performance optimizer of databases, integration buses, and application servers.

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