Top 7 Best Load Testing Tools

Load testing reveals software performance under varying user loads. It is essential to find out software performance under real-world environments, identify underlying vulnerabilities, and ensure software quality. Without load testing, it’s difficult to mitigate the risk of crashing after the application’s release to production.

However, if you want to perform load testing effectively, we need load performance testing tools to help us simulate virtual users and execute test scripts.

The software market is full of various load testing tools ranging from open-source load testing tools to premium automated load testing tools. Nevertheless, with so many options available, it’s difficult to find the best load testing tool for your business. In this article, we will examine a list of load testing tools and discuss the pros and cons of each software load testing tool.

Table of Contents

  1. Apache JMeter
  2. LoadRunner
  3. LoadNinja
  4. WebLOAD
  5. LoadUI Pro
  6. BlazeMeter
  8. Conclusion
best load testing tools

Apache JMeter

Apache Jmeter is easily one of the best free load testing tools for developers. It supports a 100% Java scripted desktop application and tests the functional performance of web applications, as well.

Since the Apache Jmeter is available in an open-source format, it is highly accessible to software businesses of all sizes. Nevertheless, the tool is extremely versatile, despite being open-source. The tool is compatible with several protocols of web and networking protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, LDAP, SOAP, and TCP. Since the application has a Java-oriented system, it also offers compliance with JDBC and Message-oriented middleware (MOM) through JMS.

These protocols help software testers reinforce security standards used in email transfer. The option of using shell scripts and native commands during testing procedures makes it easier to implement during testing procedures.

Lastly, you can use Jmeter to test applications for both dynamic and static resources. Therefore, users can utilize resources such as servers, logs, queries, scripts, and files during testing. At the same time, testers can also inspect applications under heavy load and evaluate their robustness and performance against different load types.


  • GUI Design and Interface
  • Result Analysis and Caches
  • Highly Extensible Core
  • 100% Java scripted
  • Pluggable Samplers
  • Multithreading Framework
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Dynamic Input


  • Doesn’t support JavaScript  so it doesn’t support AJAX requests by extension
  • After a certain limit, high memory consumption causes errors for a large number of users
  • Can be difficult to test complex applications using JavaScript  or dynamic content such as CSRF tokens


  • HTTP
  • XML
  • SOAP
  • Java-based protocols
  • FTP


Free or Open Source

Best For

Apache Jmeter is an excellent open-source load testing tool for businesses of all sizes. The tool gives its users various useful testing tools for free and users can customize the tool according to their needs.


Micro-Focus Loadrunner (previously known as HP Loadrunner) is a highly sophisticated software load testing tool that detects performance issues in web applications. Nevertheless, it is not limited to testing web applications or services. The application is also optimized for testing ERP software, legacy system applications, as well as Web 2.0 technologies.

Loadrunner enables software testers to have complete visibility over their system’s end-to-end performance. Its specialized to detect bottlenecks before the application enters the implementation of the deployment phase. As a result, these users can evaluate each component individually before it goes live.

Similarly, Loadrunner is extremely helpful in detecting performance gaps before the implementation or upgrade of a new system. At the same time, it provides users highly advanced predictive features to forecast expenses for up-scaling application capacity. Due to the accurate prediction of expenses related to hardware and software, it is easier to improve the capacity and scalability of your application.


  • Accurate detection of system, end-user, and code-level bottlenecks
  • Discovers root cause of application performance issues
  • Reduces cost of application downtime stemmed from performance issues
  • Allows performance testing of existing legacy applications with new technologies
  • Enables testers to test for mobile applications
  • Reduces software and hardware costs by forecasting software capacity and scalability
  • Enables software teams to configure intelligent service-level agreements before their product goes live
  • Gives users shorter test cycles to expedite application delivery
  • Offers effective tool utilization tracking
  • Browser-based access to global test resources
  • Optimal usage of load generator farm


  • Extremely expensive
  • Uses a lot of memory and crashes if the system cannot meet its computing requirements
  • May have compatibility issues
  • Usage license based on the number of virtual users


  • Community Edition| Get 50 virtual user licenses for life | Free
  • Virtual user days| Gives you the option to add more virtual users| Starts at $1.40 per virtual user day
  • Volume Pricing| Contact vendor for quotation


Loadrunner supports all kinds of protocols related to its services

Best For

Micro Focus Load Runner is a highly sophisticated and versatile load testing tool optimized for testing various platforms. However, due to its price the tool is more suitable for mid to large-sized organizations.

free load testing tools


LoadNinja is an easy to use load testing tool that allows users to create sophisticated load tests without using any scripts. As a result, users can reduce their testing time by 50% and replace load emulators with real browsers.

The tool provides options for actionable, browser-based metrics, which lets you evaluate the performance of your application. At the same time, you can debug in real-time, identify performance problems, and capture client-side interactions in a quick time.

LoadNinja also enables teams to enhance their test coverage without the need to compromise on software quality. It helps the user minimize complex and time-consuming procedures such as script translation, script scrubbing, and dynamic correlation. With the help of this tool, software testers don’t have to spend time to create test scripts and can focus more on building scalable apps.


  • It is hosted on the cloud
  • Real browser load test execution at scale
  • VU Debugger debug tests in real-time
  • VU Inspector manages virtual user activity in real-time
  • Browser-based metrics with analytics and reporting features
  • Scriptless load test creation & playback


  • Completely relies on AJAX, which relies on JavaScript; so, it doesn’t work if JavaScript is disabled, or not supported
  • Dynamically displayed and loaded data is not part of the application page
  • Asynchronous nature of AJAX causes latency issues
  • Expensive


  • HTTP
  • SAP GUI Web
  • WebSocket
  • Java-based protocol
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Oracle forms


  • Scheduled Free Demo
  • Basic (Annual) | $1,799 | 1000 users | 100 hours | Duration: 1 hour
  • Basic (Annual) | $2,999 | 1000 users | 2500 hours | Duration: 1 hour

Best For

LoadNinja is an excellent software testing tool for web developers and software testers who want to implement scriptless testing procedures. However, the pricing plan makes it more suitable for mid to large-sized businesses.

load test tool


WebLOAD is an enterprise load testing tool that allows its users to generate reliable, real-world load scenarios. It is a reliable testing tool that even works for complex systems and provides users with advanced features such as performance insights and smart analytics. At the same time, the tool is based on a flexible platform that offers built-in support for several technologies, as well as integration with a number of tools ranging from performance monitoring to CI/CD pipelines.


  • Powerful correlation engine
  • Generate load on-premise or in the cloud
  • Supports every major web technology
  • Automatic bottleneck detection
  • Flexible test scenario creation


  • Complex
  • According to feedback from some quote-based users, the tool is expensive
  • Rarely, the record functionality has a race condition that causes lines to record out of order


  • Native JavaScript scripting
  • HTTP
  • XML
  • Enterprise applications
  • Network Technology
  • Server Technologies


  • Free trial
  • Quote-based plan

Best For

WebLOAD is a comprehensive load test tool that enables businesses of all sizes to test websites, applications, and enterprise-level applications.

LoadUI Pro

LoadUI is an exceptional tool for load testing. It mainly targets web services that operate on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS and enables users to evaluate the scalability, speed, and performance of APIs. As a result, users can preview API performance behaviors before they shift performance insights to the left and release their product into production environments.

With the help of this tool, users can prove whether your API can handle load testing burden from the cloud. At the same time, you can also leverage existing SoapUI Pro tests and use them under different load test scenarios without having to alter original tests.

LoadUIPro also enables users to run several load test scenarios at the same time. This allows users to evaluate how different testing conditions interact with each other and impact the performance of APIs.


  • Cloud-based API load tests
  • Reuse existing functional tests
  • Parallel API load testing
  • Isolated load testing
  • Server monitoring to help you diagnose what resources are causing latency and bottlenecks


  • Expensive
  • Only optimized for API and microservices testing


  • HTTP
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • JSON
  • API Blueprint
  • JSON Schema
  • XML Schema


  • LoadUI Pro Small – Fixed license: $4,999/year
  • LoadUI Pro Medium – Fixed license: $9,999/year
  • ReadyAPI – Fixed or floating license: Contact vendor

Best For

LoadUI Pro is excellent for software teams and IT teams. It offers a cloud-based and on-premise API software. You can use the load testing automation tool to create, manage and execute stress, endurance, and load tests for databases, microservices, and REST & SOAP APIs.

open source load testing tools


BlazeMeter is a software testing vendor that gives users performance and load testing as a service. The service hosts an innovative and comprehensive Continuous Testing Platform that enables enterprises to shift-left. The web-based interface of the application is useful for creating static load tests and using JMeter scripts for executing dynamic load tests.

BlazeMeter is famous for fully utilizing the best open-source load testing tools – Apache Jmeter. It provides various enterprise features to the free platform. In other words, users can gain access to many advanced features such as application performance monitoring (APM), real-time reporting, distributed testing, and integration with developer tools for continuous integration (CI).


  • 100% Compatible with Apache JMeter
  • Create tests on any scale – up to 1 million concurrent users
  • Set up tests within minutes
  • Run scriptless tests or upload URL lists
  • Run from the cloud or on-premise
  • Run tests from multiple geo-locations
  • Simulate mobile testing from real devices
  • Facilitates team collaboration with script and report sharing
  • Multi-tool support
  • Integrations with leading CI and APM tools
  • Support and professional services
  • Real-time, detailed reporting of load test results
  • Set KPIs for tested app behavior
  • Desktop and mobile user experience monitoring


  • Blazemeter reporting is very basic and shallow
  • Blazemeter is expensive for user load volumes exceeding 1000 users

Pricing (Annual Plans)

  • Free (50 concurrent users)
  • Basic: $99/mo (1000 concurrent users)
  • Pro: $499/mo (5000 concurrent users)
  • Unleashed: Contact vendor for pricing

Best For

BlazeMeter is an excellent load testing tool for organizations already using Apache Jmeter. Regardless of the size of your business, the tool can benefit you. is the new generation product which allows running tests in the cloud to all audiences interested in load testing. You can be a marketer, product or project manager, developer or unsurprisingly performance engineer and you would be able to use to achieve your goals.

For marketers provides an easy-to-use instrument which integrates with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika to retrieve statistical information and run performance tests without any coding or other engineering.

Developers and performance engineers will find handy for conducting performance tests in the cloud. They can have a full suite of testing tools, such as HAR/Insomnia import, request definition, parameterization and correlation running in the cloud as SaaS service without need to worry about infrastructure deployment etc.

Product and project managers will be happy to analyse the results of the recurring tests online using grafana dashboards. 

Overall, represents a new generation of the performance testing products which allows to easily create, plan, run and execute tests in the cloud, using a simple and straightforward WEB interface.


  • Web interface
  • Ease of use
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika
  • Import of HAR and Insomnia
  • Cloud deployment


  • Currently supports performance testing of HTTP(-s) applications such as websites, API and apps
  • doesn’t have a thick desktop client  but this is resolved with export to JMeter standard JMX 


  • HTTP
  • REST
  • SOAP


Boomq is a cloud-based, subscription solution, where you only pay for what you consume, with pricing starting at 15 USD per month. At the same time you don’t run high cost of hiring due to ease-of-use and product operations is included into the subscription cost.

Best For

Are you testing website, API or app ? Use and accelerate your testing cycles by a magnitude. Don’t have experience in performance testing – you don’t need any with


When it comes to the best software load testing tool, no one solution is perfect for all situations. If you want to find the best performance load testing tool for your company, review each option closely and select the one that fits your needs the best.

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With years of experience at our disposal, we can ensure that your mobile application delivers the highest quality of service while outperforming its competing applications. Besides Load Testing, our company has expertise in other core software testing services, such as Manual Testing, Usability Testing, Integration Testing, Test Automation, Security Testing, and much more. To learn more about our company, feel free to visit our website.

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