Performance Lab is a private company established in 2008 to address a growing void in the area of independent software testing and quality assurance for enterprise customers. Since 2014 the company has been the leading provider of these services within the Eastern European QA market. In 2015 Performance Lab has started operations in the United States with an office in Santa Clara, California.

The company offers a full range of quality assurance services and has exceptional expertise in performance testing, automation testing, and mobile application QA.

The company’s rapid growth is a result of proven success across multiple industries, such as finance, insurance, telecom, retail, e-commerce, entertainment and software engineering, including companies listed on NYSE, LSE, and MOEX. Company’s staff of over 500 employees is highly educated and motivated to fill our client’s needs for software quality with great technical background and experience.

The company also provides solutions in the UX/UI crowd testing space and modern tools for fully automatic load testing services of web portals from geo-distributed locations.

Performance Lab’s school of testing was founded in 2010 and has graduated 1000+ testing engineers that are currently employed by Fortune-500 companies and bringing value to the world QA practice.

Since 2014 Performance Lab is a proud producer of Russia Quality Report, the first comprehensive research about the QA market state in Russia.

For more information please contact us at connect@pflb.us.