What do you know about software testing in Russia?

My observation is that people in the United States, and in other countries for that matter, know nothing about Russian testers and, in generalAAEAAQAAAAAAAAUlAAAAJGQ1MDgyYjBmLWFjYjQtNGZmOS1iMjM4LTViNTRkMWE2MTg1YQ-300x172, nothing about information technology in Russia. Unlike India and China, Russia is not so focused on providing outsourcing services, so Russian IT companies are not often encountered in the US. This situation is interesting, because many IT technologies and processes, including software testing, in Russia have developed independently and in parallel with the American market, i.e. they may highly interesting in terms of new approaches.

Here are several facts that will help you get an idea of IT in Russia. Did you know that the Moscow City Telephone Network (MGTS) laid optic fiber to every Moscow residence and that for several years already every Muscovite has been able to connect to the Internet with a 500 Mbit/s connection for only $30 per month? A major telecommunications operator uses a Russian billing system that supports service to 140 million subscribers in real time. E-government is actively growing in Russia and many government services are available online. It is also of interest that Russian high schoolers and university students frequently win international programming competitions.

As for testing, you may not know that the TestComplete test automation tool, which is popular around the world, was developed in the Russian city of Tula.

Information about approaches to testing in Russia has never before been the subject of international analytical research. Today I would like to fill this gap. Our company, Performance Lab, is a global supplier of software testing and quality assurance services. We are headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and have a large office in Russia. We surveyed approximately 300 Russian organizations about how they perform testing. We are pleased to present you with the results, the Russia Quality Report 2015-16. We hope it will prove useful to some of you. We tried to perform a comprehensive analysis of software testing at organizations by looking at both organizational aspects, such as the structure of the testing budget, as well as technological aspects – types of testing, tools, infrastructure.

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Yuri Kovalev is an IT professional with more than 15 years of work experience. Yuri is a co-owner and founder of Performance Lab, a global company specializing in software testing and maintenance. His main business focus is to develop the company in strategic areas and introduce QA innovations to the large business segment.

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