Mobile App Development

Research shows that recently people are increasingly using mobile devices. As a result, the number of apps available for these devices is actively growing. Because the number of smartphone owners is increasing daily, mobile apps can be excellent tools to grow sales and increase brand awareness! Moreover, mobile apps play an important role in the corporate sector, especially if a company’s operations involve off-site employees who need to access corporate data (access to a portal, internal information, etc.).

We have a lot of experience creating mobile apps, and we know the best way to build them. We develop mobile apps that take advantage of specific platform capabilities (Android, iOS) and comply with user interface (UI) requirements for each platform. As we build apps, we consider the user experience (UX) and always account for the segment where the app will be used.

We offer following services on mobile app development:

  • iOS development: design, UI/UX, integration, publication, and support for both:
    • consumer (distribution through the  App Store) apps, and
    • corporate apps using Swift/Objective-C
  • Android development: design, UI/UX, integration, publication, and support for both:
    • consumer (distribution through the Google Play) apps, and
    • corporate apps using Java
  • Performance optimization of mobile apps (both native apps and web/hybrid apps)