Manual Testing

Performance Lab offers functional and regression testing services that help customers ensure robust quality control by finding bugs promptly.

Performance Lab offers functional and regression testing services that help customers ensure robust quality control by finding bugs promptly.

We employ traditional and agile testing methodologies that make it possible to find bugs effectively at every stage of the development life cycle.

To verify how well new functionality corresponds to the specification, use our functional testing services. To guarantee that our customers receive high-quality functional testing services, all of our specialists are trained and certified using the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) international system. We use ISTQB methodologies to identify the most risky software functionality for software functional testing, ensure solid test coverage, write test cases, and conduct tests.

Any change can affect the stability of software. It is not easy to predict how large the effect will be or its consequences. That’s why IT teams using modern agile methods or the waterfall method need regression testing. Regression testing is performed to determine how new functionality will affect the existing software, e.g. whether it will create errors and failures or interrupt critical business processes.

With each day the demand for a quick product release grows, but the number of regression tests increases. Therefore, in order to increase speed and simultaneously maintain high-quality software regression testing, Performance Lab’s approach consists of a thought-out combination of manual and automated tests performed at various stages of the software life cycle.

In complex projects we deploy and maintain QA solutions from vendors such as HP ALM, Microsoft TFS, IBM Rational Quality Manager, as well as open source products, including TestLink, RedMine, Jira, and TestRail.

Performance Lab offers several engagement models for functional testing services:

  • Projects to introduce or transform functional and regression testing.
  • Outstaffing – We provide customers with competent test engineers, test designers and analysts, and test managers.
  • Outsourcing – The customer sends Performance Lab developed test cases, test data, and other test artifacts. An SLA records requirements on testing quality and speed, the number of tests, maintenance and modification of test scenarios, and the service provider’s responsibility for bugs not found. Then Performance Lab performs all the regression testing.
  • Creation of testing centers of excellence.

Customers hire Performance Lab both to perform short-term functional testing projects to test minor revisions, and to perform functional and regression testing through an outsourcing arrangement.
Contact us to discuss your current software testing needs and we’ll propose the best collaboration option.