First quarter – 2015 internal business meeting

At the end of April, Performance Lab conducted its first business meeting of 2015. As always, the company discussed the most important results of the past quarter and its plans for the near future.
Performance Lab's team
The beginning of 2015 for the company was marked by obtaining new clients on the North American continent.
Yuri KovalevThe president of Performance Lab, Yury Kovalev, began the meeting by discussing two high-tech companies that operate in Silicon Valley and receive automated testing services from Performance Lab.

“This is one of the most important results of our work in the first quarter. In many respects, it’s a historic event”,

said Yuri Kovalev.
He reminded that the company’s management announced entry into the US market at the end of last year. The new geographical direction is being headed by the general manager of Performance Lab, Maxim Kutuzov.

“Our first results point to the fact that Maxim has once again proved our status as a leading software testing provider. I would like to congratulate you all on this breakthrough”,

added Yuri Kovalev.
However, he also noted that Performance Lab’s new position and the growing number of players in the industry means that the company’s associates will need to be more attentive and productive in terms of professional growth.
“In order to retain our position in the market, we need to not only conduct testing well but to do it considerably better than our competitors,” Yuri Kovalev explained.
According to him, the company will build a unique system that allows any self-motivated associate to move up the professional ladder and gain a full spectrum of professional skills.

Konstantin Kaveshnikov, Head of the service implementation department, continued this topic.
Konstantin Kaveshnikov“In 2015, our main target is to assist Performance Lab associates in their professional development. For that purpose, all testing directions will refine the competence catalogue. In its updated form, it will allow you to do your job better than anyone else,” Konstantin Kaveshnikov explained.
He added that Performance Lab’s entry into the US market requires our colleagues to possess excellent professional skills and a high level of English language proficiency.

Alex ShamkinAlex Shamkin, Head of the project management office, added that the company has been adapted to management’s methodology Prince2, which the company plans to implement in August or September of this year.

“This will give us more clarity and transparency during the work processes in the project management office and also clear budget management,”,

Alex Shamkin explained.
He added that the changes brought on by switching to Prince2 would only indirectly influence the work of the testing engineers, but it would make a dramatic difference for the managers.

Afterwards, there were a number of short addresses by managers of different departments. The first to take the stand was Denis Tyurin, who is filling the position of automation testing department manager while Dmitry Khimion is on his business trip to the US. In Denis Tyurin’s opinion, according to results of the first months of 2015, the most interesting projects were realized in one of the leading banks and the large state organization. In the first case, the specialists of the automation department had to re-examine some time-tested methods upon a client’s request. In the second case, they had to implement new tools in their work.

Alexander Makarov, manager of the Load Testing Department, noted that the past quarter would stay in his mind as a time of professional development.

“The department is expanding not only by gaining new associates, but also by the efforts our department is making to give our associates as much knowledge as possible,”,

he said.
The company has already conducted the first cycle of courses on SQL, Advanced SQL, and Java. These will be continued in the next quarter. The subject matter of the learning courses will also be expanded, and there is a plan for an internal conference on load testing. The Functionality Testing Department is also growing. According to its manager, Dmitri Vasilyev, the department’s number of employees at the beginning of the year surpassed two hundred.
Performance Lab's software testing engineersAccording Dmitri, the department’s specialists have an active role in the development of the educational system inside the company. For instance, they are the ones conducting the previously mentioned courses on SQL and Java.

Natalia Abrashitova, the HR department manager, also spoke on the importance of professional enhancement. “I know that many of you work very hard and don’t have time for extra courses, but believe me, it’s worth it,” she told her colleagues. She also voiced her hope that the solidarity and positive attitude of the team would make it possible for Performance Lab to realize all of its plans, even in difficult economic conditions.

Following Natalia Abrashitova, the stand was taken by representatives of Citibank, which recently began servicing Performance Lab’s payroll program. They spoke about a line of services and solutions offered to the associates of our company.

During the final part of the meeting, Performance Lab’s management answered questions from the company’s associates.

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