Development for BigData

In today’s world, any company’s operations depend on the speed with which it reacts to changes in the outside world. Big Data technology is used to analyze, structure, and categorize incoming information. Processing and then analyzing huge data streams make it possible to quickly make decisions, on which the company’s growth may depend.

We develop IT solutions based on Big Data technologies that can successfully cope with the volume, speed, and diversity of today’s data, while preserving their value and accuracy. Our technologies and their practical implementation enable rapid resolution of business challenges. Thanks to distributed data processing, we use existing systems and infrastructure for collecting, analyzing, and processing data. Implementing a BI system based on the analyzed data will give you the ability to generate simple-to-use and reliable reports.

We offer following services on custom development for  Big Data:

  • Data collection and analysis systems
  • Data classification and categorization system
  • System to display data and generate reports (BI)
  • Decision-making support system

Industrial technologies and software on which app development is based:

  • Apache Hadoop
  • ZooKeeper
  • Pig
  • Spark
  • Splunk
  • Cloudera
  • Hive
  • MemCashed
  • Redis
  • Cassandra
  • Accumulo
  • Elastic
  • MongoDB
  • Riak
  • Java
  • Python