Scalable Web automation with Cucumber + Selenium WebDriver + SauceLabs cloud

Online Bootcamp

In 8-sessions of on-line bootcamp you will learn how to build production level framework for Web functional tests with Cucumber, Ruby and Selenium WebDriver.

3This Bootcamp is for anyone who wants to take automated acceptance testing seriously and isn’t afraid to get their hands a little dirty. Don’t worry if you’re new to programming, we’ll cover the basics so you’ll have a good place to start from.

What test automation framework and programming language are we going to use?

  • Cucumber  — BDD framework which enables you to write tests in English + 40 other languages
  • Ruby — interpreted language (do not a have to compile); easy to learn compare to Java
  • Selenium WebDriver – the open-source software test automation tool for web applications
  • SauceLabs – cloud solution for cross browsers/OS test execution

Note that we are going to use RubyMine as primary idea.

Course Outline:

  • Intro to Cucumber BDD framework
  • Find web elements using various locators:  Class, CSS Selector, ID, Link Text, Name, Partial Link Text, Tag Name, XPath
  • Write autonomous tests
  • Grouping tests in Cucumber features
  • Writing meaningful assertions using RSpec
  • Writing re-usable code by using Page Objects 
  • Scale tests with Example tables
  • Speedup your tests by using Explicit wait
  • Running tests on different browser using Sauce Labs cloud
  • Produce meaningful reports


Do I need to have Mac or PC?  We are going to support both! PC or Mac with minimum hardware requirements :CPU: 2Ghz+, Intel i5+, RAM: 8Gb+

Is class taught in English? Yes

Is it real time on-line interactive bootcamp with instructor? This is going to be on-line class with real instructors. Bootcamp mediator will type code in real time while explaining material to the students. At the same time, another instructor will be answering questions in live chat. You will also receive recorded lecture with completed code in GitHub after each session. We will host live group in Skype in between online session for questions.

Are we going to write test for real Website?  Yes. All the tests will be written against real website so you may show framework setup with written tests during interview as demo or use as a template to write similar tests at work.

What are the requirements and prerequisites?

  • All required software will be installed prior to the 1st class (Email with instructions will be sent upon registration)
  • Experience? Any programming basic skills will help a lot!
    If you missed something during the class, no worries! We will provide video recording of class and GitHub repository for your convenience.

Please register ASAP since seating is limited!

* Registration refund policy:

  • Stress free trial — 100% refund after first session
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8:00 pm PST 9:00 pm PST

$ 350