Learning Continuous Integration with Jenkins and GitHub (in-classroom bootcamp)


In 2 day ( 10 hours total ) hands-on bootcamp, you will learn how to work with GitHub, build a true Continuous Integration system using Jenkins server and bring two worlds together by triggering Jenkins CI from GitHub.

You will have unique opportunity to work with both git and Jenkins on your own Mac/PC, thus all the work from this bootcamp will remain with you as an example for a future projects and/or interview demo.

 Is class taught in English?

What’s is the format of the class:

Besides short 15 min introductory lecture, the remainder of 2-day bootcamp will be pure hands-on. Instructor will project commands, code and setup on the large screen so you could follow up on your laptop. After practical examples, you will be assigned to a small groups where you will solve similar problems via collaboration while instructor will help you if you get stuck.

Is there any prerequisites for this course?


 Course syllabus:

Day 1 GitHub
  • Intro to majority Git commands
  • Create repository on GitHub
  • make changes/commit/push
  • resolve conflicts
  • create Pull Request / merge Pull Request
Day2 Jenkins
  • Into to Continuous Integration
  • Install and jumpstart Jenkins server
  • create a build job for web application
  • create test job ( tests will be provided)
  • create deploy job ( fake one)
  • trigger CI from GitHub Pull Request merge

Please register ASAP since seating is limited!

* Registration refund policy:

  • 100% refund before first session
  • 50% refund after first class
Location: 1700 W Hillsdale Blvd, Building 14 Room 201 San Mateo, CA 94402
12:00 pm PST 5:00 pm PST

$ 350