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Mobile Application Testing: 10 Steps Approach
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Mobile application testing is crucial in order to create a reliable product. In this post, we’ll go over the entire testing process step-by-step. Testing is a crucial part of the mobile application lifecycle. However, due to all the time and effort, it takes to complete the full cycle of app testing, it gets overlooked by…
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Real Agile Approach to Performance Testing
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Performance testing helps to determine if a system is reliable and comfortable to use. In this post, we’ll explain the main principles of Agile performance testing as well as its benefits. Before launching an app or a website, it’s crucial for a developer and admin to know how the entire system behaves under stressful situations….
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In the development and delivery of software, the most important contribution of DevOps is the elimination of the time lag between project phases: development, testing, trial operation, and delivery of the product to the final consumer. The time2market indicator is one of the key indicators of the competitiveness of products and the success of companies…
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A solution to release high-performance software quickly.

Performance testing is an important part of creating software, because it makes it possible to assess the speed of operations, ascertain the permissible number of simultaneously active users or simultaneous transactions, and determine how the volume of data affects the performance of an IT solution.

In traditional software development models using the waterfall method, such as the V-model, performance testing is planned after development is complete and, preferably, after functional testing is finished. Performance testing project are technically complex. They often require expenses on infrastructure and can take several months. Moreover, a large part of the time is taken by preparatory work, such as setting up the test environment, developing load scripts and emulators, and preparing test data.

Many development teams are beginning to adopt agile methodologies in order to overcome the barriers of traditional methods and release high-quality software on time. Agile makes it possible to significantly shorten development cycles – now they are counted in weeks or even days.

As a result, many organizations and independent development teams are wondering what to do with performance testing, which looks awkward and contradicts the idea of short cycles. As in traditional models, this is often the reason why performance testing is not performed and the reason things end with the same negative results.

Performance Lab offers an agile performance testing solution for agile and DevOps teams, which ensures the rapid release of software with high performance. You no longer need to wait months to receive performance test results. Our agile performance testing solution integrates into cycles of continuous software integration and delivery, allowing engineers receive constant feedback and optimize software performance during current sprints.

Our agile performance testing services will help integrate management of an IT system’s performance into the software development process. Learn more from the brochure below.