6 reasons to use specialized Recruiting Agencies

6 reasons to use specialized Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting Agencies play a critical role in assisting companies find the right talent in what has become an ever increasingly competitive marketplace. Firms may be known by any number of terms, Recruiting, Retained Search, Executive Search, Staffing, all fall into this category.

Recruiters that work for a staffing firm are most often compensated on a model that rewards results over activity, this provides a more competitive environment and focuses the recruiter’s activity towards quick results and finding the very best candidate for the client. The advantage most commonly seen is the representation of the strongest possible candidate and the timely closing of the hiring cycle.

Most Recruiting Agencies will offer services to cover any number of employment types and job descriptions, some may have segmented divisions that handle specific areas like G&A, FP&A, Engineering, HR, IT, etc.

Larger Companies or Enterprises may also use automated systems. VMS/MVS or MSP solutions are useful tools to fill positions quickly that require less skilled or less specialized employees.

Recent surveys of Hiring Professional indicate that there is a preference to follow a hiring model that combines both automated systems and specialized recruiting/staffing firms. Additionally, almost a quarter of those surveyed preferred to work only with a specialized agency because of their ability to source high quality candidates, target specific needs, and provide clear communication and better control of the process.

A very small percentage of these specialized recruiting firms have a narrow focus and are dedicated to a single area of expertise, such as Accounting, Legal, Healthcare, or in the technology sector specific engineering disciplines.

Below I have listed some of the advantages of working with Specialized Recruiting Agencies.

1. ACCOUNTABILITY: The Agency must fill your position or they are not successful, you are their priority. Internal TA or HR teams can have many other priorities or multiple positions, therefore affecting the speed of the recruiting cycle. If an Agency does not perform, they can be replaced at no cost to the client.

2. SPEED: With an Agency the entire hiring process, from search to offer, can be completed in a much shorter period of time.

3. EXPERTISE: While TA Teams and HR Departments understand the recruiting process and company culture, it takes someone with a specific knowledge base of the industry and the positions mission critical required skill set and competencies to find the right candidate that will thrive in their position.

4. TIME: Nothing frustrates a Hiring Manager more than spending valuable time interviewing candidates that are unqualified or uninterested in the position or the company. A Specialized Agency Recruiter will interview a candidate before you meet them, check references, and make sure the candidate is the right fit and is excited about the company and the position. Remember, an external Recruiter is focused on placements and not activity, you will not need to see as many candidates and will be presented with high quality candidates that are motivated, prepared, and match the HM’s requirements.

5. RESOURCES: Since Specialized Recruiters have deep networks of both active and passive candidates they are able to provide a higher quality hire. A deep pipeline of candidates that will work as a potential fit and referral source is critical, internal recruiters with multiple requirements across a broad spectrum on disciplines, just don’t have the time or resources to develop or invest in this.

6. CREDIBILITY: One of the benefits of being an industry specialist is the ability to understand the real job needs as well as the Hiring Manager’s needs. This develops a trust factor and establishes the specialist as a subject matter expert to both the HM and the candidates.

Using high quality Specialized Recruiting Agencies should be part of every organizations talent acquisition program. Leveraging their expertise in finding the best people, saving the company time, reducing the exorbitant cost of employee turnover, and recognizing that the right hire the first time is a multiyear investment that will pay off in cost savings and the security of a long term productive employee.

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Alexey Smyshliaev